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interview pastor bob beeman..."sanctuary church"

Pastor Bob Beeman
1.-Pastor Bob How was the begining of your congregation and why the name "sanctuary church"?

Sanctuary was started in 1985. We chose the name because we wanted something that would feel like a safe place to come and woship God. Many churches in those days wouldn't allow long hair and metal in the church.

2.- How was your conversion and then your call to be a pastor?

I became a Christian when I was 5 - and felt the call to become a Pastor when I was only 6.

3 How many members are there in your church?

Sanctuary is not a church. We are a ministry. There are many Bible Study Groups and "cell" groups throughout the world. Sanctuary is in many different counries.
4- How many churches do you have in your country and abroad?

I really don't have a number. There are hundreds.

5- What kind of music does the worship group play and who are the members of the staff?

Jim LaVerde (Barren Cross) is still the worship leader after all of these years. Michael Sweet (Stryper) stared at the begining, but when Stryper got very busy, Jim took over.

6- Which Metal bands have participated in sanctuary church?

There are so many I would hardly know where to start. Most of the Band on Intense Records were from the early church. Today, there are many!

7- Have you ever been threatened for people who dont share your vission?

Many times. Especially at the beginning. But I have been involved in pioneering Christian rock for almost 40 years. So it has been a long time with controversy.

8- Can you name the rock festivals that your church organzes?

We did the very first Christian Metal festival in 1987. It was called Metal Mardi Gra. Since that time there have been hundreds. These days, there are festivals in many counries - many put on by Sanctuary People. I usually attend the ones in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, and more.

9- Is there any famous musician participating in Sanctuary church?

Jim chooses many musicians to play with the Sanctuary worship band. Yes, there are popular musicians that are part of our international fellowships.

10.- What do you think about apostasy pastor of the former lead singer of "Vengeance Rising " (roger martinez)?

Of course I am sad that he left his Christian faith. We miss Roger.

11.- What can you say to the pastors or brothers who do not share the metal christian?

Everyone has their own style of music. Sometimes we don't have a taste for different styles, and cannot understand it. I think it is as simple as that :)

12.- How is the life of pastor Bob Beeman outside of the work of the church?

My life is really the same. I also have a ministry to the homeless on the streets. We feed about 500 people here in Nashville every week - and also have homeless ministries in other Sancuary groups around the world.

13.- "sanctuary church" are all such congregations, or metal in general there are also other as the Gothic ?

There are some Goth groups as well.

14.- Which groups or famous people can you have interviewed on radio program "intense radio?

There have been many. You will find all of the interviews on my personal page.

15.- Pastor are you still writing articles for the magazine "heaven's metal" and "the hard music?

not any more. I retired last year.

16.- What advice would you give to the brothers metalheads who feel that their church either pastors, leaders and brothers do not support and is against the music you hear, in this case the Christian metal?

I would tell them to begin to meet together to encourage one another. Don't leave your church unless you have other reasons. Just begin to have a "metal" Bible Study during the week.

17.- What is the type of ministry is in your church?

Discipleship mostly. That is the reason we started Sanctuary in the first place.

18.- ¿support other emerging churches in your country or another country?, and if so to whom?

We work with a lot of other minsitries. We are not exclusive. We are excited for what God is doing through music!

19.- What is Jesus Christ for you?

He is EVERYTHING. I have been a Christian for almost 55 years now. It just gets better every year!!

traduction: barbara castillo fernandez form chile =)

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