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interview pastor bob beeman..."sanctuary church"

Pastor Bob Beeman
1.-Pastor Bob How was the begining of your congregation and why the name "sanctuary church"?

Sanctuary was started in 1985. We chose the name because we wanted something that would feel like a safe place to come and woship God. Many churches in those days wouldn't allow long hair and metal in the church.

2.- How was your conversion and then your call to be a pastor?

I became a Christian when I was 5 - and felt the call to become a Pastor when I was only 6.

3 How many members are there in your church?

Sanctuary is not a church. We are a ministry. There are many Bible Study Groups and "cell" groups throughout the world. Sanctuary is in many different counries.
4- How many churches do you have in your country and abroad?

I really don't have a number. There are hundreds.

5- What kind of music does the worship group play and who are the members of the staff?

Jim LaVerde (Barren Cross) is still the worship leader after all of these years. Michael Sweet (Stryper) stared at the begining, but when Stryper got very busy, Jim took over.

6- Which Metal bands have participated in sanctuary church?

There are so many I would hardly know where to start. Most of the Band on Intense Records were from the early church. Today, there are many!

7- Have you ever been threatened for people who dont share your vission?

Many times. Especially at the beginning. But I have been involved in pioneering Christian rock for almost 40 years. So it has been a long time with controversy.

8- Can you name the rock festivals that your church organzes?

We did the very first Christian Metal festival in 1987. It was called Metal Mardi Gra. Since that time there have been hundreds. These days, there are festivals in many counries - many put on by Sanctuary People. I usually attend the ones in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, and more.

9- Is there any famous musician participating in Sanctuary church?

Jim chooses many musicians to play with the Sanctuary worship band. Yes, there are popular musicians that are part of our international fellowships.

10.- What do you think about apostasy pastor of the former lead singer of "Vengeance Rising " (roger martinez)?

Of course I am sad that he left his Christian faith. We miss Roger.

11.- What can you say to the pastors or brothers who do not share the metal christian?

Everyone has their own style of music. Sometimes we don't have a taste for different styles, and cannot understand it. I think it is as simple as that :)

12.- How is the life of pastor Bob Beeman outside of the work of the church?

My life is really the same. I also have a ministry to the homeless on the streets. We feed about 500 people here in Nashville every week - and also have homeless ministries in other Sancuary groups around the world.

13.- "sanctuary church" are all such congregations, or metal in general there are also other as the Gothic ?

There are some Goth groups as well.

14.- Which groups or famous people can you have interviewed on radio program "intense radio?

There have been many. You will find all of the interviews on my personal page.

15.- Pastor are you still writing articles for the magazine "heaven's metal" and "the hard music?

not any more. I retired last year.

16.- What advice would you give to the brothers metalheads who feel that their church either pastors, leaders and brothers do not support and is against the music you hear, in this case the Christian metal?

I would tell them to begin to meet together to encourage one another. Don't leave your church unless you have other reasons. Just begin to have a "metal" Bible Study during the week.

17.- What is the type of ministry is in your church?

Discipleship mostly. That is the reason we started Sanctuary in the first place.

18.- ¿support other emerging churches in your country or another country?, and if so to whom?

We work with a lot of other minsitries. We are not exclusive. We are excited for what God is doing through music!

19.- What is Jesus Christ for you?

He is EVERYTHING. I have been a Christian for almost 55 years now. It just gets better every year!!

traduction: barbara castillo fernandez form chile =)

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interviews david ellefson from megadeth..

1.- Tell us about " Jesus metal fans " , what abouy your musical biography?
Hmm, never thought about “Jesus Metal Fans”, just fans of metal…Christian or not. I think when we start to lay titles on who is a ‘believer’ or not then that just causes separation so to me your either a fan or your not.

2.- How did you get to play in megadeth ?
I moved to Los Angeles in 1983, five days after I graduated high school in Minnesota. I met Dave Mustaine within a few days after my arrival and that led to us starting the group.

3.- How has the world tour been ?
The world tour has been really good. A lot of positive vibes from the fans and good creative spirit within the band, too.

4.- What memories do you have in your concert in Chile?
I remember every trip there from as far back as our maiden voyage in 1994 on the “Youthanasia” tour. This last time was really big, selling out the Movistar arena.

5.- Talking about your personal life, how did you meet Jesus Christ ?
I think sometimes the Christian community has this thought that I was recently ‘born again’ but in truth I grew up in the Lutheran church so I’ve had the relationship ever since I was baptized at about one month old.

6.- How did you work thing out with Dave Mustaine after having serious problems with him?
I think for us having a strong Christian faith helped us overcome and forgive for any past misunderstandings. I think Matthew and 1 Corinthians make that mission real clear and I’m glad we are both on the same page with that way of life now.

7.- Do you think forgiving each other is important?
If God’s son Jesus would die for sins than us humans asking for forgiveness should be minimal, yet it is hard. In fact, humans really can’t forgive, only God can. That is the point of Grace, is that it is all a gift from God and not something we muster up within ourselves.

8.- How has your Christian life been?
It’s been great and certainly better than the options!! As The Word says, no where is there a clause that says Christianity will be easy but rather that we will have tools to navigate through our time here on earth knowing that salvation has been bought for us. That really takes a lot of pressure off oneself each and every day.

9.- Are you writing new songs?
Yes, we have been working on new songs and look to finish the record over the next few months.

10.- Have you thought about having a christian band? Do you think it's the right time for that?
I’ve lead worship, written several songs in the genre and try to offer my services to play in worship whenever possible. As for actually having a Christian band as a viable creative entity I’m not sure that that is something I will ever do. However, if the Lord leads me there then I will remain obedient to that urging.

11.- We know about your christian project called " Northem light orchesta" are all the project members christian ? how was begining of this wonderful rock project?
Yes, that is a really cool group and some great songs specifically written by Christians for seasonal celebration. Not everyone who played on the record is a proclaimed Christian but then again what better way to witness than to offer a musical outlet for players and fans to hear the Word. Sometimes these things offer a great way to carry the Call without being over the top and annoying about it because music has brought a lot of people to know the Lord, including my renewed passions for Him in the last 15 years, or so..

12.-What's your message for the young people who don't believe in God?
I believe that inside every one of us is the fundamental idea of something bigger than us. To me, that feeling of awe and wonder is in fact God, regardless of what you call it/Him or your cultural understanding of it. With that said, if you’re interested in having a personal relationship with God than just roll with it and be open to the feeling and attraction to it.

Many young people have tried to go at life alone without God, or have been turned off to it by certain people and/or circumstances. Just know that GOD is not the cause of those troubles, but rather sin and self will, either by them or someone else’s deeds. However, God forgives and redeems and if we continue to follow his ways (thoughtful, helpful, forgiving, etc.) then His grace will continue to shine on us, regardless of our life circumstances.

13.-How do you see the christian life of your band friend Dave Mustaine?
I think it is a central part of our relationships and since Dave and I have lived to see how living a life devoid of God really operates, we are most thankful that we have a second chance at this.

14.- Do you participe in a church? do you have active participation in the congration?
I do. I’ve been active in church membership now for about 15 years and about four years ago helped create and start the MEGA Life! Ministires in Scottsdale, AZ ( or Initially I started as the music worship leader and overseer but now that I’m on tour full time I’ve turned that position over to a good friend who is doing a fantastic job. Currently I’m now the director or outreach ministries.

15.- Do you know any famous christian musician ?
Yes, I do. I’ve been quite active with the Christian Musician Summit ( who also publish Christian Musician and Worship Musician Magazines. I’ve done clinics and various participations with them over the years so I’ve become good friends with some of the best Worship singers, musicians and songwriters. Its really broadened my musical horizons and given me some great tunes to listen to while traveling, too.

16.- What does Jesus mean for you?
He is the son of God who died for our sins and by studying and following his teachings we too can live a life full of hope, faith and love. Regardless of what any of us do for a living while on this earth, that mission is a good thing to live our lives for!

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Interview with guitarist Glenn Rogers

This past week I've had the pleasure of talking with legendary guitarist Glenn Rogers. For those of you who might not be familiar with his name let me start off by saying that Glenn has quite the resume and has played with such bands as Hero (U.S.A.),Vengeance/Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Deliverance, Steal Vengeance and of course Hirax. While Glenn Rogers might not be a household name for everyone there is no doubt he played a vital role in the early development of Christian thrash. He has also proven to be an excellent gunslinger for hire as seen by his recent work with cult band Hirax. Glenn was kind enough to talk with me about how he got started in music and what he has planned for the future. Not only is Glenn Rogers a great guitar player but he is also a real down to Earth guy and it was fun catching up with him.

Andy-Glenn, could you tell me a little about how you got into metal and what your early influences were?

Glenn-I started playing guitar before there was Heavy Metal. The first bands I was into were The Beatles and Stones.Then came Led Zeppelin and UFO. Later I picked up a copy of Iron Maidens Killers lp and that was it. I was hooked.

Andy-Was Deliverance your first band?

Glenn-My first band was called Caution. We were a cover band that played a few original songs. Mostly sixties covers. I do have studio recordings of that band. As for Metal bands I played in some local groups before I started with Doug Thieme and Roger Martin in the band that would become Vengeance Rising in 1986 or early 87. After we split I joined HERO for a short time,and then joined Deliverance.

Andy-Your resume includes stints in not only Christian metal bands Deliverance and Vengeance Rising but also secular acts Hirax and Steel Vengeance. Has the scene changed making it more acceptable for musicians to play for both sides if you will or is it just that more musicians are starting to branch out and realize it's just all metal?

Glenn-For me I felt all along that there should be no line drawn. Christian or non Christian band. We should have been just a band,and let everyone figure it out.. All the bands would have been more successful if we we're on regular labels. Instead we all got stuck in book stores where Metal fans don't go to buy Metal records. How are going to reach non Christians in a Christian book store?

Andy-While online sites like Amazon killed small bookstores it has made music more readily available to fan's who live in out of the way places with nothing around other than a Walmart for buying metal. I've always thought that good metal is good metal regardless of it's color tag! You've been in so many great bands Glenn. What were some of the highlights so far and low points?

Glenn-The highest I would say is when Hirax played Bang Your Head fest 2003 in Germany. It was great,we shared the stage with Dio, Twisted Sister, U.D.O.. Got to jam with Jack Starr,and are featured on the BYH best of DVD. The lowest was saying goodbye to Deliverance. That band should have been BIG.

Andy-I've always thought that the problem Deliverance had was that they couldn't hold onto a stable line-up. Between that and the shift away from thrash towards more progressive metal I think kept them from being huge. Weapons Of Our Warfare is hands down one of the best Christian speed metal/thrash albums ever. That was then though and now your involved in several new problems. Want to fill everyone in for what's in store?

Glenn-Well I parted way with Hirax,and started up a new band called FINAL DECREE. The line up is Kevin Goocher ex member of Omen and lead singer of Phantom X on vocals. Daniel Cordova who was in the touring line up for Vengeance Rising on bass, Dave Watson ex Hirax on guitar,and helping us out on drums is Jorge Icabellis from Hirax.I was also asked to play guitar for former Metal Blade artist Viking.

Andy-Yes, I've heard that cult thrashers Viking have reformed. It will be cool to see you playing with one of my favorite eighties thrash bands. Final Decree sounds like it is going to be killer. You've got a great group of musicians involved. I read that you were writing a bunch of songs and hope to do some recording in the near future. Are you looking to make Final Decree a full time project?

Glenn-Yes Final Decree will be my main band.We have started recording a demo and will let people hear it when it's done.My role in Viking will be lead guitarist. That's Ron's baby,so it's his musical direction I will follow. I will do live shows when they come up,and record solo tracks for the record.

Andy-Well as much as I look forward to Viking it's Final Decree that's I can't wait to hear. I hope you'll be kind enough to send Heavy Metal Time Machine a copy!

Glenn-Yes I will send one too you. The band will be a mix of Thrash and Power Metal. I hope you will enjoy it. I also want to thank our Jackson, EVH and DW drums for their support.

Andy-Glenn, I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me and get your fan's caught up with what's new with you. Heavy Metal Time Machine would like to wish you luck with Final Decree and we look forward to not only hearing the demo but also to seeing Final Decree take the metal community by storm!


Be sure to keep an eye out for Final Decree in 2011. Heavy Metal Time Machine will let everyone know when we get any more updates from the band. Also watch for the reformed Viking and if you haven't already check out their Do Or Die and Man Of Straw albums.

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Exclusive Interview: Michael Sweet from Stryper in english =)

By Jesse Capps
Posted on Feb 15 2011 at 11:33pm

Stryper is offering fans a head banging view of who their influences were early on, with the arrival of an almost entire album’s worth of covers, The Covering. The album includes twelve rocking covers, as well as an all-new original tune, “God”. And most significantly, the album marks the return of original bassist Tim Gaines back into the Stryper fold, setting up the first Stryper release in years to feature the definitive line-up of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums).

According to Michael Sweet, the impetus for putting out a mostly covers set was a simple one. “Every Stryper album is pretty serious and pretty bold in the lyrical faith sense of the word. We just wanted to roll our sleeves up, cut loose, and have some fun.” And when it came time to pick out a listing of tunes to cover, all the band had to do was look back upon their club days. “Growing up, before Stryper was even Stryper, we were a cover band. We played Gazzarri’s on the Strip for years – we would do originals but also do covers, as well. We always did Priest covers and Maiden covers, all those bands that we grew up on and influenced us.”

We caught up with Michael the day The Covering was released to talk about the album’s early success, what it’s like to have the original lineup back together and what the future holds for Stryper.

1- Michael, it’s great to talk to you – especially on the release date for The Covering. It seems to be a monster already!

We are seeing the benefits of everyone being involved. We couldn’t do it without you and we couldn’t do it without all the people out there spreading the word and supporting this record and the band. It’s incredible. The numbers, pre-orders, reviews – everyone really seems to be diggin’ this record. It’s blowing us away.

2- It’s charting all over the place online.

Just to give you an idea, I talked to the label today. Murder By Pride, which really was a success, shipped about 22,000 units out of the box. By today’s standards that’s really well. With the pre-orders, this record shipped almost double that. Nobody can really explain it, but the “street team” as I like to call everybody, has really been spreading the word. We literally gave our blood, sweat and tears to make this record. We put everything into it and I think it paid off. I listen to the record and other people have listened to it and it’s a great sounding record. Sonically we just stumbled upon the right combination with the studio – SpiritHouse and the engineer Danny Bernini. I produced the record and having the original lineup – it just came together. It was the right chemistry.

3- I could tell upon first listen that you guys weren’t messing around. You can really tell that you’re sincerely fans of these songs. Every little detail that a music fan pays so much attention to is in these songs. The little details make such a difference.

They really do. It’s very important – from an effect used on a guitar solo, a vocal line or what have you. We were walking that fine line of trying to be respectful to the original version and not try to create our own version so much that it destroyed the original. Some bands try to get so creative and put their own spin on a song that they completely destroy anything that the original had. We didn’t want to do that. That’s why we stayed true to the originals but still put our little spin on them. I don’t know how but I think we accomplished that.

4- Who initially had the idea to do a covers album?

We were doing covers way back in the day before we were Stryper. Over the years we’d always sound check with a cover or two. We started adding “On Fire” to the set in ’91. Recently we started adding “Breaking The Law”. My wife Lisa was backstage one night and said, “You guys oughta do a covers album. Look at the response you get live.” That’s what really got me to thinking and we talked about it as a band. We agreed that now would be the perfect time to do these because the four of us would be able to go in and have some fun, loosen up and show people where our roots lie. Add to that, a lot of people over the years have asked us about doing a covers album. It just felt like the right time and having my wife suggest it confirmed what we had been thinking for years. We went in and did it, so props to her!

5- How times have changed, though. Who would have guessed Stryper would release an album covering songs from artists like Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Kiss? If you would’ve tried this 20 years ago you would’ve been crucified!

I know, man. I don’t think it would’ve worked 20 years ago. We would have been crucified for doing so. We were doing good to pull ourselves out of the hole that was dug from the Against The Law period. Just doing that record, I don’t see a problem with it at all, but the church shunned us to some degree because it was so off track with To Hell With The Devil or In God We Trust.

6- Lyrically Against The Law was still inspirational, positive music. The content was still there.

Absolutely. It was still there. What had more to be desired was our attitudes. We were definitely in more of a dark place at that time. We were angry for getting beat up on both sides for so many years. We wanted to show the world we were going to do it our way. It may have appeared more abrasive, but lyrically and musically I think it’s one of our better albums. If we had done this covers album back then I think we would’ve been excommunicated from the church!

7- You mentioned the original lineup is back together. Tim is back. Is he back for good this time?

If he behaves himself! (laughs) Tim’s back for good, man. He’s an important, crucial part of the chemistry in this band. He helps make Stryper who they are. The fact that he’s on this record and he’s with us live is very important. Everything is awesome. We’re having a great time together and enjoying each others company. It’s the best it’s ever been, man.

8- I’m guessing when it came time to pick songs for the album that everybody brought in their own ideas. Were there a lot of suggestions that didn’t make the cut?

There were some songs we were thinking about and decided we probably shouldn’t. There were some Ozzy songs, some Maiden songs, some Priest songs. We tried our best to be appropriate with the lyrical choices. Some may argue, “How can they justify doing a Sabbath song?” If you read the words to “Heaven & Hell”, those are lyrics that Stryper would’ve written. There’s nothing wrong with those lyrics. They’re absolutely dead-on the money. We wanted to solidify the fact that we’re as serious about our faith as we’ve ever been by doing the original song “God”. I think “God” is one of the most powerful songs we’ve ever done.

9- “God” is the perfect representation of Stryper. Is that song a good indicator of where Stryper is headed next?

Absolutely. I think we’d be fools not to go in that direction with the next record. I can guarantee that’s what we will do. Expect that from us for sure. We’re toying around with the idea of re-recording some of the classic Stryper tunes. We’re keeping it rockin’ and keepin’ it heavy – just doing modern day versions of the originals.
If you can imagine “Soldiers Under Command” with the same sound and production as the songs on The Covering. That would be pretty cool to hear.

10- They’d all be “beefed up” quite a bit.

Exactly. The low end, the punch. In your face. I think it’d be a fun record to do as well. We’re definitely going to do that. We’re going to do an all original album. We’re going to keep churning them out. We’ve got a month off from touring in April and we’re already talking about going in and doing some recording. I don’t know if it will happen – but we’re talking about it.

11- When you went into the studio to record The Covering, how much time had you spent listening to the original tracks?

We didn’t. Those songs were so in our heads and in our hearts from growing up on those songs. We didn’t pull out the originals and say, “We gotta do this, we gotta do that.” Every now and then we would listen to the original track to get the same effect on the guitar solo or something like that. We purposely tried not to go back and listen to those songs while we were doing this.

12- This record may be a gateway to a new audience.

I hope so. Over the years there have been thousands and thousands of people that haven’t given Stryper the chance because we have the Christian tag. “They’re Christian? There’s no way they can be any good.” We’ve fought that battle from day one. This record completely destroys those misconceptions. It shows to anybody that has ears that we can pull it off. We can play our instruments and we can perform. It’s about the music. We’re still going to have the haters. Those are the people that just aren’t listening, man. I say this humbly and not with pride at all, but you can’t listen to The Covering if you know good music and say that it sucks. You just can’t. It’s a good album. Those are incredible songs. I think we did ‘em justice. Those people that say it sucks…we couldn’t do anything that would please them. (laughs)

13- Since you guys were so familiar with those songs, was it easier in the studio or did you have a little more pressure making sure your versions measured up to the originals?

It was smooth sailing for the most part. There were certain songs that kicked our butts. “The Trooper” was rough on all of us. That’s a tough song, man. That’s not an easy song to play! That’s why Iron Maiden is Iron Maiden! There were some songs I went into with a higher level of fear vocally. “Blackout”, “Highway Star”, “Heaven & Hell” believe it or not. Interestingly enough, I think those are some of the better tracks. I was really nervous about them. They have that special flair to ‘em and I’m really thankful for that.

14- You’re hitting the road soon. Which cover songs will you be performing and do you have any plans to pull some old songs into the set?

We’re definitely pulling some old songs. We don’t have the luxury to completely revamp the set list for this March run but we are gonna add “Always There For You”, we’re talking about “First Love”, “Surrender”, and one of my favorites has always been “Loving You”. It’s one of my brother’s favorites, too. It’s just a fun song to play live. On the covers side we’re talking about adding “Over The Mountain”, “Heaven & Hell”, maybe “Shout It Out Loud”, “Carry On My Wayward Son”, possibly “Blackout”, “Highway Star”, “On Fire”. Of course they won’t all be in the set. We’ll have a 2 1/2 hour set but we’ll switch it up from one night to the next. We’ll do four or five covers a night.

15- How do you feel about Stryper as a band now as compared to any other time in it’s history?

I think we’re in the best place, all around, than we’ve ever been. Spiritually, musically, physically – I feel better than I ever have. I feel better than I did when I was 20 years old. I’m trying to take care of myself. Maybe The Covering will be the album that puts Stryper on a wide appeal level so we can reach out to all the people instead of just a select few.

16- Michael, it’s been great talking today. What would you like to say to wrap everything up?

Thank you for all your support. We could not do it without you and we are so grateful. Thank you so much!

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entrevista a ekklesia...banda venezolana =)

1-Como se forma Ekklesia?

Se forma a partir de otra banda llamada ars structoria que es una banda universitaria, dicha banda se separo y quedamos nosotros 3 con la visión de hacer metal edificante.

2-Que significado tiene su nombre?

El nombre significa iglesia, ya que cada uno de nosotros(todas las personas) somos iglesia, templo y morada del Espíritu Santo.

3-Quienes integran la banda?

Batería; Victor Valera,
Bajo y segunda voz;
Felix Perez
y voz principal y guitarra; Gustavo Gonzalez.

4Cuál es la propuesta de Ekklesia en escena?

Llevar a todos los rincones el mensaje de salvación de Jesucristo, y nuestras propias experiencias de la vida, y un aporte más a la escena del metal en Venezuela.

5-En que temática van las liricas?

La temática principal es Dios y como dije antes llevar un mensaje de salvacion y conciencia a la juventud, tratamos temas sociales visto desde un punto de vista cristiano.

6-Que bandas los influencian?

Bandas como Mortification, Pantera, slayer, tourniquet, Decapitated y Antidemon principalmente.

7-Algún ministerio o casa disquera los apoya?

En cuanto a grabaciones que aun no lo hemos hecho; somos independientes, en lo que se refiere a eventos y presentaciones tenemos apoyo del movimiento la Rocka.

8-Como han sido recibidos en la escena cristiana y no cristiana?

En las dos escenas hemos tenido una buena respuesta nos invitan a eventos seculares a tocar y no hemos tenido desplantes ni problemas en cuanto a nuestro mensaje, y esperamos que se mantenga asi .

9-A que se debió su cancelación en el evento "Mettal Christ"?

Nuestro baterista pasa por una situación familiar difícil, su padre se encuentra enfermo y no se sintió en la disposición de tocar por la preocupación y decidimos cancelar la presentación por esa razón.

10-Tienen material grabado y como se puede obtener?

Aun no hemos grabado nada solo tenemos 3 temas y ya estamos componiendo 2 más para grabar un demo, ya eso está en proyecto, estén pendiente por facebook de las noticias de la banda.

11-Mensaje final a los fans y a los lectores de sangre suficiente?

Manténganse firme en la roca que es Jesucristo, más brutal que eso nada, y Dios los guarde. Gracias por su apoyo!

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Entrevista: BOANERGES año 2009 en uruguay...

Formados a principios de los ’90, los argentinos Boanerges son una de las bandas más representativas en su país dentro de aquellas que dan un mensaje cristiano a través de sus letras. Luego de haber grabado un demo (“Boanerges”, 1993), un LP (“Señales Antes Del Fin”, 1998) y un EP (“Más Allá Del Umbral”, 2002), y de haber sido teloneros de bandas como Hammerfall y Stratovarius en el paso de estas por su país, la banda formada por Gabriela Sepúlveda en voz, Walter Estébez y Javier Fracchia en guitarras, Marcelo Rodríguez en bajo, Gastón Morales en teclados y Alberto Sabbatini en batería se encuentra presentando su más reciente producción “Hora Novena”, editada este año de manera independiente.
Actualmente se encuentran embarcados en una gira que los llevó por el interior de su Argentina natal y otros lugares de Latinoamérica, incluyendo nuestro país donde se presentaron por primera vez el pasado 28 de Agosto, de manera tal que decidimos aprovechar la ocasión y realizar una nota con ellos al otro día del show para conocer más acerca de su historia, su propuesta y sus planes futuros.

RISE!: – Primera vez en Uruguay, cuáles eran sus expectativas antes de llegar al país y cómo se sienten ahora luego del show realizado ayer?

Gabriela Sepúlveda: Bueno, antes que nada gracias por el espacio. Como decías es nuestra primera vez en el país, una experiencia nueva, por más que estemos tan cerca, nunca se había dado la posibilidad de venir a tocar a Uruguay, y después de diecinueve años ahora la tuvimos. Anoche dimos el concierto y fue una buena experiencia para nosotros.

R: – Como decías, la banda tiene casi veinte años ya, pero para quienes no los conocen aún, cuéntennos un poco acerca de los comienzos…

Marcelo Rodríguez: La banda se formó en 1991, básicamente mi hermano y yo empezamos con la idea de la formación, ponerle el nombre, y plantear la meta, a donde queríamos llegar. También desde el principio estuvo Gabriela y luego el baterista Alberto que en un comienzo entró interino, dijo que cuando encontráramos baterista se iba, y bueno, después se abrazó al proyecto y sigue hasta el día de hoy. Luego hubo varios cambios de integrantes en la parte de guitarras, que eso un poco modeló el rumbo de la banda, además de los vaivenes económicos y personales, que hacen que arranques con fuerza, luego te retraigas un poco, vuelvas a
colocarte un rumbo, y bueno, hoy la banda está nuevamente consolidada y con ganas de hacer muchas más cosas.
Como ustedes conocerán, nuestro interés es tocar y dejar algo positivo, muchos lo asocian a creencias que nosotros podamos tener o colocar en las letras, pero en realidad son experiencias vividas que nos ayudaron a trasladarnos. Nunca hicimos proselitismo religioso ni política religiosa, sino que somos simplemente músicos que intentan proyectar otra expectativa.

R: – Cómo fue que decidieron trasladar sus creencias a letras con una visión cristiana y transmitirlas a través de la música?

GS: El artista expresa en su arte lo que vive, lo que siente, lo que cree… y a nosotros nos pasa eso, lo que expresamos en las líricas es lo que nos pasa, lo que vemos, lo que quisiéramos ver, ya que hay temas que hablan de un paisaje de la realidad con el que no estamos de acuerdo, y nos gustaría otro paisaje, hay muchas injusticias y cosas que a todos nos molestan. Lo que hacemos es plasmar todo lo que nos pasa, y junto con eso lo que ustedes escuchan en la lírica, esta experiencia que tenemos con Dios.

MR: Independientemente de las vivencias personales, nadie puede decir que cuando escucha la música y trata de entender lo que se dice, no lo moviliza a ver la realidad desde una óptica distinta, a levantar sus brazos y seguir adelante, nadie puede decir que eso no está porque está. La idea es plantear una realidad, que estás dentro de una cárcel, pero podés ser libre, esa es la realidad a la que nosotros queremos apuntar.

R: – Me imagino que en los comienzos no debe haber sido fácil para ustedes insertarse en la escena, siendo una de las primeras bandas de su país con este tipo de mensaje, cómo era todo en aquel momento? Hoy en día son más aceptados?

GS: Bueno, vos mismo hiciste como un paisaje de lo que fue aquel momento. Fue todo un desafío, porque como decía Marce, por un lado estaba aquel que no comparte la lírica, y el otro que le gustaba la lírica pero no la música. Quizás ahora no se nota mucho la diferencia, hay una escena más movida, pero al principio fue duro, porque obviamente lo nuevo siempre provoca miedos. Incluso fue desafío a nivel personal, porque en la época en Argentina no había bandas con una mujer al frente dentro de lo que es el Heavy Metal, asi que en mi caso era doble el desafío. Pero bueno, son obstáculos se fueron sorteando, fuimos avanzando y ganando terreno dentro de la escena local, y luego poder salir de nuestro país, hemos visitado varios países de América, hace menos de quince días estuvimos en Ecuador por primera vez, fuimos a Guatemala, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, ahora Uruguay (risas).

R: – Cómo era su sonido en los comienzos y cómo fue variando a lo largo de los años?

MR: Cuando arrancamos los miembros originales habíamos escuchado mucha música de los ’80, influenciados por lo que había, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Judas, Maiden, y a la par bandas de nuestro estilo con este tipo de mensaje como Stryper, Tourniquet, Barren Cross, y varias que no son conocidas, pero que en su momento sonaban muy bien. La idea inicial era ser claros y definidos en lo que ibamos a hacer, Alberto siempre decía que no iba a descansar hasta que la banda estuviera consolidada, ya que obviamente la idea era hacer música y no hablar, una persona paga una entrada para escuchar a la banda hacer música. En el comienzo nuestro estilo se enfocaba en un Heavy Metal clásico, con dos violas al frente, un bajo y una batería bien presentes, y al principio la gente confundía la voz de Gabriela con la de un hombre por ese estilo a lo Bruce Dickinson, y eso impactó bastante. A lo largo de nuestro caminar todo fue cambiando, hoy el metal no es el mismo de antes, lo bueno es que este estilo de música a diferencia de otros, perdura y gana público en todas partes del mundo, entonces hay muchas derivaciones. Al haber incluído nuevos músicos, eso hizo que pasáramos a hacer algo más Power Metal que se nota en “Más Allá Del Umbral”, y después avanza a un Power más progresivo que es “Hora Novena”.

R: – Qué recuerdan de la grabación del primer disco “Señales Antes Del Fin”?

GS: Yo lo asocio personalmente a un momento de mi vida, porque grabé ese disco estando embarazada de mi primer hijo, asi que tiene una carga emocional importante, por un lado por la parte familiar, y por otro por el lado de la banda ya que también el disco era como nuestro primer hijo (risas).

MR: Lo primero antes de eso fue un demo de 1993 que la idea era editarlo para radios, y al final se terminó editando en cassette y vendiéndolo en los recitales, porque increíblemente en 1993 por lo menos en Argentina había falencia de bandas de nuestro estilo y que estén con este tipo de mensaje, entonces la gente empezó a buscar… fijate que ahora fuimos a Chile y a Ecuador y encontramos ese cassette ahí, entonces evidentemente quiere decir que con eso pequeño que uno piensa que no va a lograr nada, nunca hay que pensar que lo pequeño tiene diferencia con todo lo grande y el dinero que uno ponga, a veces lo pequeño hecho con pasión llega.

R: – Cuatro años pasaron entre “Señales Antes Del Fin” y el siguiente material, el EP titulado “Más Allá Del Umbral”, por qué se demoró tanto?

GS: Hubo varios factores, desde el comienzo nosotros somos una banda independiente, no estamos desconformes con eso, pero el hecho de serlo te da ciertos privilegios y también te cuesta mucho más hacer algunas otras cosas, y una de esas es justamente la inversión para los discos, merchandising, etc. Ese es uno de los factores que más pesa, fijate que la mayoría de los temas del último disco ya habían sido compuestos en la época del EP, y desde el EP hasta “Hora Novena” pasó también mucho tiempo (risas). De todas formas, tratamos de sacarle ganancia a ese tiempo, porque si vos escucharas las primeras ideas de los temas antes de grabarse, son totalmente distintos, y en ese tiempo tratamos de pulir los temas, darles más forma, y eso después se ve reflejado en los discos.

MR: También hay otro factor que tiene que ver con el cambio de integrantes, en el año ’99 veníamos con muchísima fuerza, habíamos tocado con Hammerfall, eso tuvo repercusión en revistas, vino gente del exterior a hacernos notas, como Gabriela es una vocalista femenina hubo medios europeos interesados además porque era una rareza para ellos ver una mujer cantando metal en castellano, entonces se abrieron puertas.
El EP es un ensayo en realidad porque hubo cambios de integrantes, ibamos a cambiar el estilo, por eso se llama “Más Allá Del Umbral”, pensamos que pasaría si pasáramos esa puerta, si la gente lo aceptaría o no. Tardamos solo diez días en grabarlo. Luego hubo nuevos cambios de formación, y presentamos el EP teloneando a Stratovarius, pero bueno, todos los retrasos tienen que ver con lo económico principalmente.

R: – Según leí, hace un par de años se estuvieron a punto de disolver, qué fue lo que pasó en ese momento y cómo fue que se juntaron de nuevo para dedicarse de lleno a “Hora Novena”?

GS: Bueno, son etapas que uno va viviendo, somos una banda con muchos años, y han pasado situaciones muy buenas y otras que no lo son tanto, y eso hace justamente a la vida. En algún punto pensamos que había llegado el momento de terminar una etapa, pero bueno, hay algo que siempre nos está movilizando internamente y eso impide que se termine Boanerges. Entonces luego volvimos, hubo por supuesto cambio de integrantes ahí también, e iniciamos esta nueva etapa con “Hora Novena”, pero pienso que todo lo que hemos pasado nos ha hecho crecer también como personas.

R: – Cuánto tiempo llevó la composición y grabación de este disco nuevo?

Alberto Sabbatini: Fue un proceso lento, por cuestiones de todo tipo, no nos gustaban las guitarras y lo grabábamos de vuelta, hubo cuestiones técnicas también de por medio, cuestiones económicas. Desde que nos metimos en el estudio hasta que el disco estuvo masterizado y puesto en la calle, fueron casi dos años.

GS: También hay algo que es interesante destacar y es que si bien somos músicos, no vivimos de esto, lo hacemos porque nos gusta, pero cada uno tiene su trabajo, y eso quita tiempo, entonces hay que administrarlo bien. Hay bandas que tienen la posibilidad de encerrarse en el estudio por un mes porque pueden vivir de la música, pero no es nuestro caso, entonces eso cuesta también.

R: – Piensan que el sonido de “Hora Novena” es el mejor que han logrado hasta el momento?

AS: Sin lugar a dudas, es un sonido potente, profesional, un sonido que nos habíamos propuesto hace muchos años, tiene energía, tiene composición, te llega. No podemos decir que es original en el sentido de pensar que con este disco empieza un nuevo género, pero es un disco con todos los condimentos para la gente que les guste las baladas, para los que les gusta el Power, para los que les gustan los arreglos, los coros, etc.

R: – Qué repercusión ha tenido hasta el momento en medios y público?

GS: El disco hace muy poco que está en la calle, por el momento ha tenido buenas críticas, pero de todas formas falta tiempo para que llegue a más gente. Ni bien sacamos el disco, teníamos fechas en el exterior que ya estaban planeadas, entonces ahora cuando volvamos a nuestro país haremos la presentación en vivo del disco y ahí tendremos una impresión más real de como viene el disco.

R: – Qué bandas escuchan ustedes generalmente? Solo escuchan bandas que contengan mensaje cristiano o con cualquier tipo de mensaje?

GS: Como te decíamos antes, nosotros pensamos que la música es un medio, no creemos que haya música cristiana o música satánica, en tal caso serán los integrantes los que tienen alguna tendencia. Como músicos escuchamos música y de todos los estilos.

AS: Desde Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin pasando por AC/DC, Stratovarius, por darte algunos nombres. Hay temas que me gustan, otros que no, pero no podés no estar al márgen, tenés que escuchar.

R: – Cuáles son los pasos a seguir por la banda de ahora en más?

GS: Lo próximo es presentar el disco en vivo, tenemos varias fechas hasta fin de año dentro de Argentina, tanto en capital como en provincias del país. También estamos organizando toda la agenda del 2010 porque la idea es seguir con giras.

R: – Para terminar pueden dejar el mensaje que quieran a los lectores de RISE!.

GS: Bueno, muchísimas gracias de nuevo por el espacio. A mi me impacta el medio, la herramienta tan grande que tenemos con internet, asi que se que quienes accedan a RISE! no son solo de Uruguay, sino del resto del mundo también, asi que con esta posibilidad que tenemos de acercarnos más allá de las distancias, les mandamos un abrazo muy grande para todos. Si en algo Boanerges está firme luego de tantos años es en la perseverancia, creo que lo demostramos con nuestra propia vivencia, y ese es el mensaje, no bajar los brazos, lo bueno está por venir. Un abrazo a todos y nos veremos en algún momento.

Jorge Patacas.


Boanerges (Demo) – 1993
Señales Antes Del Fin – 1998
Más Allá Del Umbral EP – 2002
Hora Novena – 2009

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